Course Brochure


Course Brochure

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  • Learn about network architecture, or train to be a network technician.

  • Train to be a Fibre Optic Technician

The SCTE has improved its broadband training pedigree with the launch of its new Learning Management System – accessible ‘on the go’ for engineers and technicians.

A learning management system (LMS) is an online learning solution which facilitate and improve upon traditional educational methods. Allows the student to cover the training material at their own pace in any location (that has an internet connection) and has more interaction (including animation, audio, video content and active information links). The LMS allows the student to study the material , quizzes are at the end of each section to make sure the material is understood, then at the end of the course there is an exam to test the understanding of the whole course and if passed accreditation by the SCTE is awarded along with a downloadable certificate.

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The SCTE please to announce a partnership with the IET to supply their course in the SCTE LMS system for more information please visit the SCTE 5G web page here.

To purchase the new 5G course please contact Broadband Training to obtain an quotation.

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The services of Broadband Training, the SCTE approved training provider, provides all forms of assistance with course presentation including:-

  • The provision of approved trainers who present the courses.
  • Approved trainers to work with the customer to train their own trainers.
  • Generation of customised training courses.
  • SCTE handbooks and courses can now be purchased directly from Broadband Training.

More information about the SCTE please visit theSCTE.eu web site.