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About Broadband Training

The services of Broadband Training , the SCTE approved training provider, provides all forms of assistance with course presentation including:-

  • The provision of approved trainers who present the courses.
  • Approved trainers to work with the customer to train their own trainers.
  • Generation of customised training courses.

SCTE training courses have gained wide acceptance as the standard for young technicians wishing to enter the field of cable telecommunications and for those wishing to advance their knowledge and career prospects. They are used in-house by a number of operating companies and SCTE engineers can be found working in a variety of international organisations.

Broadband Training offers the full range the SCTE comprehensive training courses (with an online assessment training centre as well as SCTE certification) and individual course books (for home study or instructor led use).

Students completing the courses successfully become accredited SCTE Technicians and are issued with SCTE Certificates.


Contact Broadband Training to purchase the SCTE handbooks and courses.