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Line Powering by the SCTE

 Calculation of Line Powering

- Calculated using a combination of:-

  • Ohm’s Law and Kirchhoff’s Law.

- The information needed is:-

  • Supply voltage.
  • Cable resistance for the cables carrying line power.
  • Resistance of the line powering components :
  • Chokes, fuses, etc. - Usually 0.1W total (0.05W at input and output).
  • VA (power) loading of the devices:-
  • Amplifiers, optical nodes, etc.
Supplied as a zipped file containing a macro enabled Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet
No warranties  and supplied at no cost by the SCTE
First written as a BASIC program by Mike Thornton (FSCTE) in 1986
Modified and converted into the spreadsheet by Philip Humphries (MSCTE) in 2015
Any questions please contact Broadband Training
Enter required information (ie Resistance and load power)
in the beige cells then press the green run calculation button
  - Download zip File of a Microsoft Macro Enabled Spreadsheet for Power Calculations