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Analysis of Training Needs

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A comprehensive assessment for technicians involved in the broadband industry.


Delivered by Broadband Training.

  • Web-based training assessment.
  • The assessment structure is easy to use.
  • Based on the current SCTE training courses.
  • Identifies areas where the technician requires further training

The assessment consists of 100 questions, with a time limit of 100 minutes and consists of four sections with 25 questions per section.

Each section has a selection of questions from one of the SCTE training courses (SCTE Installer, SCTE Service Technician, SCTE Network Technician and SCTE Network Architecture and Design).

The questions are randomised from a pool of questions and with the answers in random order.

The format, types of questions, number of questions, time limit, and pass marks are all easily modifiable and can be discussed and changed before the full implementation of this training assessment.

The results from this assessment will then offer an overview of each candidate's training requirements.

as aligned to the SCTE training courses with a suggestion that any candidate who receives a mark less than the pass mark for a particular section should be supplied with the appropriate SCTE training handbook and, at some time in the future, be entered for the official SCTE online exam which can be purchased from Broadband Training.

Each candidate assessment will be charged a nominal fee. Please contact Broadband Training for more information.

 Contact Broadband Training to discuss your requirements

As this is an assessment and not an SCTE exam there will be no SCTE accreditation or certificates awarded for candidates.

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