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Partner Wi-Fi training Course

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The new 'SCTE In-Home Network for Internet Communication' course that was developed by Cable Home together with the Dutch service and contracting company Guidion, has successfully been launched. The first training sessions have been completed with positive result by the new SCTE training partner, Dutch Cable Home. Participants can be registered at House of Skills
“The course offers participants basic knowledge about Wi-Fi networks in the home, showing how Wi-Fi connections are built and
maintained between clients and access points. It gives insight into the most common problems in Wi-Fi networks and discusses
alternative solutions for the installation of additional access points. Participants will learn about internet traffic and protocols,
how to build wireless networks and how to analyse the coverage,” said Jos Huizer of Dutch Cable Home.
“After studying the course book and participating in the training, you can become a W-Fi network expert and assess, implement
and test WiFi networks in the home. Your knowledge and understanding will be assessed by taking the SCTE certified online
Founded in 2012, Dutch Cable Home training gives people in business the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their
performance as well as to build and service quality in-home networks.

Gain an in-depth fundamental knowledge on in-home Wi-Fi networks
Learning style:
Instructor led - Available in the Netherlands only
Who should attend?
Inhome Network Design engineers who already have some understanding of RF and WiFi and are looking for a next level of
understanding for solving complex customer Wi-Fi problems.
Course Contents:
  • Basic concepts of electronics
  • Networking (Sorts and types)
  • DNS
  • The OSI model
  • IEEE standard
  • Network topology
  • Network Infrastructure
  • TCP/IP model
  • Internet Group Management protocol
  • IP addressing
  • DHCP
  • Internet protocol 4 and 6
  • Wi-Fi antennas
  • Flat Panel Antenna
  • Transmitting power
  • Obstacles
  • Site survey
  • Network Design
  • Wiring connections
1 day
SCTE In-Home Networks for Internet Communication Course

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