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CAI - Fibre Optics in Signal Distribution Stage 1 Course

This programme is suitable for participants involved in the TV/RF distribution industry with a desire to learn the developments
of Fibre Optic Technology focusing on Fibre Integrated Systems (FIRS).
A reasonable understanding of conventional IRS would be beneficialbut not absolutely necessary.
This programme will enable participants to understand the working and planning of a typicalsized Fibre IRS
Over this 1-day programmeparticipants will becomepractically familiar with the components of a working Fibre IRS.
Learning style:
Instructor led -Available in the UK only
A PowerPoint led delivery including industry videos, clear theoretical explanations and hands-on applications.
The training environment is interactive and inclusive. A comprehensivefull colour reference book is issues to all participants.
(P) indicates inclusive practical elements
- The history and development of fibre optic technology.
- Single Mode Fibre Optic principles.
- Health and Safety when working with fibre optics (P).
- Types of cables and connectors used in Fibre IRS.
- Components contained withinFIRS andtheir practical application.
- FIRS SkyQ components, upgrade, planning and testing.
- Basic Passive Optical Network (PON) design.
- Fibre connector inspection and cleaning (P).
- Repair and termination of fibre optic cables by Fusion and Mechanical Splicing (P).
- Measurement and calculation of signal losses within a typical fibre network (P).
- Demonstrate an ability to install and fault find on fibre optic systems in the TV industry (P).
1 day
Learning Outcomes:
This 1-day programme will enable all participants to;
- Work with main componentsof a Fibre IRS.
- Carry out fusion splice of opticalfibre.
- Connect and terminate fibre cables.
- Design and test basic FIRS.
Assessment Method:
Continual informal and formal assessments will monitor progress throughout the day. Practical assessment exercises and a multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.
Contact: Broadband Training for more information and pricing or to book a course.