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CAI - IRS Networks Stage 2 (Design and Build) Course

This programme is for the experienced participant who ideally has completed stage 1 or has good knowledge of all aspects of terrestrial and satellite receptionwith simple IRS.
Learning style:
Instructor led - Available in the UK only
This programme is classroom based and contains theoretical and practical exercises.
Each participant will design and build an IRS and find faults on pre-built systems.
There will be written exercises on calculating signal losses in a system.
Who should attend?
Participant who ideally has completed IRS Networks Stage 1
On completing this programme the participants will be able to design, build and troubleshoot an IRS.
Course Contents:
- Revision of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
- Revision of acceptable minimum and maximum signal parameters.
- Avoiding interference.
- Use of filters.
- Channel planning.
- Calculating losses and gains in a system.
- Different types of IRS.
- Power requirements.
- System design.
- System build.
- The importance of maintenance.
- Fault finding methods.
- Rectifying faults.
2 day
Learning Outcomes
By completing this programme each participant will be able to;
- Calculate signal losses and gains.
- Design and build an IRS.
- Diagnose and rectify faults in an IRS.
Assessment Method
The assessment method for this programme is by means of practical worksheets and multiple choice open book assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.
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