CAI - Making the Bond Course

(Electrical Safety Requirements for Aerial Installers)
This programme is suitable for anyone who is installing aerials and is not fully conversant with the current standard
(IEC 60728-11:2010) and CAI Code of Practice 3 - Electrical Safety Requirements for Signal Reception Systems (Excluding CATV).
Learning style:
Instructor led - Available in the UK only
This programme is classroom based with a PowerPoint presentation and contains theoretical and practical learning exercise
Participants will give a practical working knowledge of how to install a safe signal distribution system in the home or
commercial premises.
At the end of this programme all participants willbe able to install a safety mechanism on a distribution system, analyse the
effectiveness and record the results.
Course Contents:
- Background to why earthing and bonding may be necessary.
- Electrical regulations andsafety.
- Single Dwelling Unit (SDU) requirements.
- Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) and commercial Premise requirements.
- The use or surge protection devices (SPD).
- An understanding of different lightning protection devices (LPD).
Learning Outcomes:
This 1-day programme will enable all participants to;
- Test an electrical circuit for safety.
- Make a safety bond.
- Perform the necessary tests andchecks that ensure a system is safe.
1 day
Assessment Method:
The assessment method for this programme is by means of practicalworksheets and a multiple choice open book
assessment paper with a pass mark of 65%.
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